Frequently Asked Questions

What are my odds of getting into a class?

Our intention and attention is set on getting you into an ideal class as soon as possible. The sooner you put yourself on the list, the better your chances of getting into the program quickly.

What number am I on the waitlist?

Please know that our goal from a registration perspective is to secure you a spot in a class as soon as possible. In our system, the waitlist number is not a reliable way to calculate the time it might take to be offered a place in our classes. There are too many other factors involved, for instance, number of open spots in your child’s age-group, number of classes each term in your child’s age-group, location of class choice.

How long will it take to get offered a spot in class?

It can take up to six months to have a spot open up. But at other times, it can take as little as a month’s wait for some classes. Be assured that your child continues to move up on our waitlist until they are offered a spot.

When should I call to check my waitlist status?

Rest assured your child is automatically moving up as each registration cycle occurs. If you have not heard from us, it is only because a spot in the appropriate age class has not become available at this time. When a spot does open up and you are the next family on the waitlist, you will hear from us that day.

How do I take my name off the waitlist?

Please contact the office at 212 988 1708.

When can I put my child on the waitlist?

You can put your child on the waitlist as soon as you're expecting, all the way until they are 32-33 months of age.

At what age are classes offered?

Free to Be Under Three’s age-groups range from pre-birth to just under three years old. Our new Lullaby class is available for expecting parents or infants up to four months. Baby classes begin at seven months. The oldest your child may be and begin a semester is thirty-two to thirty-three months of age.

How many semesters are in a calendar year?

We have three semesters a year: Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer. Fall classes begin in September, Winter/Spring classes begin in January, and Summer classes begin in May. Registration starts a few months before each semester begins.

What is Pre-registration?

Pre-registration is for those children currently enrolled in a Free to Be Under Three class. Once all currently enrolled children have completed pre-registration, we will offer available spots to our waitlisted families.

Who are Alumni families?

A family that re-enrolls at Free to Be Under Three, with the same child or a new child from the same immediate household, is considered an alumni family. If your child took a semester off from classes you will always be given priority status on our waitlist. If you’re beginning our program with any future children you will be given the same priority status.

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